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Suntiy Chemical(Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is a professional import and export chemical distributor company. We have established cooperative relations with Kao Chemical, ISU Chemical, Top Glove and other multinational companies. The company's main sales network is mainly in China and Southeast Asia.We provide high-quality NBR-Latex and materials for NBR- Latex. We are now one of the largest exporter of NBR- Latex in China.
The company acts as an agent for a variety of materials for NBR- Latex and also has formula and technical experts so that we can provide high-quality materials and technical support for NBR- Latex factories. We also have long-term export experience and relevant supporting professional export team. Because of these advantages, we have become strategic partners with both  NBR- Latex and glove factories. The NBR- Latex we supplied has great advantages in quality and price.
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The company is mainly engaged in fine chemical raw materials trade / distributor, and many well-known chemical enterprises (Japan Kao, Japan Asahi nitzsch, Korea ISU pear chemical, the United States Hansen, Germany, etc.) to maintain a long-term stable cooperative relationship, welcome your call and message!

Suntiy Chemical(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

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